Looking for a Cape Cod company for your
building or remodeling project?

Watson Construction, Inc. Is a fully licensed and insured general contractor, builder and remodeler specializing in wood-framed projects. We build commercial and residential projects anywhere from Boston to Cape Cod and the Islands. Whether you would like to start from scratch on a custom home or remodel an existing space, we have the depth and capacity to handle it. We work one-on-one with our clients, listening and understanding your particular needs and wants. We will work with you and your architect, help choose an appropriate architect for your needs or even produce our own in-house design for simple projects. 

Once a building or remodeling project comes to Watson Construction, it undergoes a thorough estimating process, beginning with plan specifications and documentation, date reviews and a pricing timetable. Watson Construction has adopted electronic plan take-off and estimating using leading industry software. We can receive plans instantly via e-mail or by downloading from FTP sites, eliminating delays and printing or mailing costs. When we receive a plan, we review it for discrepancies and possible value engineering changes, which we then go over with the architect and/or owner.

The bottom line is that our process saves everyone time and money. Time is saved from the start by performing accurate labor and material plan take-offs using digital plan-reading software. As a result, the day an architect finishes a plan is the day Watson Construction can start the estimating process and get you an accurate price more quickly.

Our General Contracting Services for Homeowners & Builders

  • New construction, both commercial and residential
  • Remodeling
  • Full-scale project estimating
  • Design for any budget

Safety Program

Watson Construction is wholly committed to safety. We have invested a great deal of time, effort and money into our safety program in order to set ourselves apart from our competitors and to create a safe environment for our workers. Our project managers are OSHA 500-certified and our program includes:

  1. A job-specific and company-wide safety program
  2. Up to 30 hours of OSHA education for our employees
  3. A fall protection program
  4. Heavy equipment training, including license preparation for our forklift and crane
  5. Weekly safety meetings and daily toolbox talks